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Service fee of $137 is added to each service event within this range. Multiple services can be scheduled in one service event. We service the Salt Lake/Park City UT areas within a 30 miles radius and Palm Desert, CA areas within a 60 mile radius. Service fee of $137 is added to each service event within this range. Multiple services can be scheduled in one service event. If you don’t see the specific service here, please call us and we can always try to help!

Pre Season Inspection

Course grained 17 point major component testing designed to give you peace of mind to start your camping season.

69 Point Inspection

Our complete, fine-grained inspection. Tests the operation of all RV systems in minute detail.


  • Battery cleaning, testing, service
  • DC system test· Inverter/solar system inspection
  • AC (shore power) system test
  • LP System Test
  • Furnace/refrigerator/AC test
  • Awning Inspection
  • Freshwater system test
  • Running Lights Test
  • Tires, axles, springs, hitch, stabilizer inspection
  • Roof Inspection· Generator Test
Consumption Audits

Measures power consumption of all electrically driven devices. Can predict upcoming problems by observing current over-draw. Gathers the information needed to size generators, battery banks and solar systems.

Lp System Test
  • Inspect regulators and LP tanks
  • Check all LP detectors
  • Conduct leak test
Freshwater System Test
  • Tests for leaks
  • Faucet/toilet function
  • Tests water pump performance
Brake Test On Vehicle
  • Lift Tires
  • Test Brake Function
  • Test Breakaway switch
Brake Disassemble Inspection Test
  • Disassemble Brakes – Visually inspect drums and pads
  • Electrically Test Brake Magnet Performance
  • Test Breakaway switch
Wheel Bearing Service

Recommended at least every other year or 20,000 miles. Whichever comes first.


  • Remove drums
  • Remove bearings & seals
  • Remove old grease
  • Inspect bearings/seals for wear
  • Repack bearings with synthetic grease
Slide Room Maintenance

Annual Service to keep slide rooms operating smooth.


  • Lubricate tracks and gear slide mechanism
  • Treat the rubber bulb seals and wipers
  • Inspect slide out alignment
  • Inspect Toppers
Furnace Service

On-site furnace repairs routinely cost $700-800; AKA, about their replacement cost. Get your furnace in tip top shape and avoid the costly call-out bill.


  • Remove Furnace (non-ducted)
  • Clean main burner orifice
  • Clean blower wheel
  • Clean/Inspect/Adjust flame sensor
  • Clean Sail Switch
  • Check high limit switch
  • Test module board
  • Clean and inspect combustion chamber
  • Inspect fan motor
  • Clean and inspect vent tubes and outer casing
  • Reinstall and test
Water Heater Service

Water heaters are easy to forget… Until they don’t work.  Save yourself the aggravation!


  • Drain unit
  • Check condition of anode rod, relief valve
  • Adjust burners and electrodes
  • Check thermocouple
  • Check module board
  • Test operation on LP and electric
Battery Service

Batteries are a crucial part of the RV experience but are often not maintained or are poorly maintained. Maintenance deficits are a sure-fire way to reduce the life expectancy of this costly component.


Fill Electrolyte

Clean terminals and posts

Test amps/volts

Apply terminal protectant

Inspect hold-downs