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Standard service area is within 20 mile radius of zip code 84093. Service fee of $137 is added to each service event within this range. Multiple services can be scheduled in one service event.
Travel Beyond this area calculated @ $142/hr

Pre Season Inspection

Course grained 17 point major component testing designed to give you peace of mind to start your camping season.

Price $350

69 Point Inspection

Our complete, fine-grained inspection. Tests the operation of all RV systems in minute detail.


  • Battery cleaning, testing, service
  • DC system test· Inverter/solar system inspection
  • AC (shore power) system test
  • LP System Test
  • Furnace/refrigerator/AC test
  • Awning Inspection
  • Freshwater system test
  • Running Lights Test
  • Tires, axles, springs, hitch, stabilizer inspection
  • Roof Inspection· Generator Test


  • Bumper Hitch – $602
  • Fifth Wheel – $727
  • Motor Coach – $1251
Consumption Audits

Measures power consumption of all electrically driven devices. Can predict upcoming problems by observing current over-draw. Gathers the information needed to size generators, battery banks and solar systems.


  • DC (battery) Power – $144.99
  • AC (shore) Power – $149.99
Lp System Test
  • Inspect regulators and LP tanks
  • Check all LP detectors
  • Conduct leak test

Price $233

Freshwater System Test
  • Tests for leaks
  • Faucet/toilet function
  • Tests water pump performance


Brake Test On Vehicle
  • Lift Tires
  • Test Brake Function
  • Test Breakaway switch


  • Single Axle – $129.99
  • Tandem Axle – $189.99
  • Triple Axle – $259.99
Brake Disassemble Inspection Test
  • Disassemble Brakes – Visually inspect drums and pads
  • Electrically Test Brake Magnet Performance
  • Test Breakaway switch


  • Single Axle – $312
  • Tandem Axle – $531
  • Triple Axle – $688
Wheel Bearing Service

Recommended at least every other year or 20,000 miles. Whichever comes first.


  • Remove drums
  • Remove bearings & seals
  • Remove old grease
  • Inspect bearings/seals for wear
  • Repack bearings with synthetic grease


  • Single axle – $221
  • Double Axle – $434
  • Triple Axle – $525

Add Brake inspection for $50/axle

Slide Room Maintenance

Annual Service to keep slide rooms operating smooth.


  • Lubricate tracks and gear slide mechanism
  • Treat the rubber bulb seals and wipers
  • Inspect slide out alignment
  • Inspect Toppers


  • Single – $165
  • Double – $295
  • Triple – $346
Furnace Service

On-site furnace repairs routinely cost $700-800; AKA, about their replacement cost. Get your furnace in tip top shape and avoid the costly call-out bill.


  • Remove Furnace (non-ducted)
  • Clean main burner orifice
  • Clean blower wheel
  • Clean/Inspect/Adjust flame sensor
  • Clean Sail Switch
  • Check high limit switch
  • Test module board
  • Clean and inspect combustion chamber
  • Inspect fan motor
  • Clean and inspect vent tubes and outer casing
  • Reinstall and test


Water Heater Service

Water heaters are easy to forget… Until they don’t work.  Save yourself the aggravation!


  • Drain unit
  • Check condition of anode rod, relief valve
  • Adjust burners and electrodes
  • Check thermocouple
  • Check module board
  • Test operation on LP and electric


Battery Service

Batteries are a crucial part of the RV experience but are often not maintained or are poorly maintained. Maintenance deficits are a sure-fire way to reduce the life expectancy of this costly component.


Fill Electrolyte

Clean terminals and posts

Test amps/volts

Apply terminal protectant

Inspect hold-downs